1. Income Poverty
Don’t people often use $2 a day as the marker due to inflation? Less than $1 a day is more the hardcore poor who as many studies have shown need a different set of interventions than the ‘less poor’ or more transitory poor.
You might consider secure tenure of how much, or amount per person? Having a target amount of land would be more robust as you link it to h’hold numbers and how much land they need (or at least a global number of how much land you need for one person…).
I would argue that the mix of on/off farm income is much more complicated than this indicator proposes and many of the poorest households are poor BECAUSE they have no land to cultivate which is really the opposite of what this is saying
2. Food Security
For how long? Should we say “reserves for one month” or some target we establish as reasonable?
3. Education
Just completed or got a certain % in the final exams…? We could measure how many did well enough to go to secondary school (although we know the palaces are insufficient to satisfy this number).
4. Womens Empowerment
And demonstrated behaviours? K and A is not enough without the 'P'!
All the assets or just a defined proportion? We may want to think about assets which women do or don’t traditionally control as another way of looking at change.
5. Child Health and Nutrition
Did we choose just measles for a reason? There are other child-killer disease out there, diarrhea being one?
If this, bednets, is only once it doesn’t tell us they are well protected. Shouldn’t we up the ante to 50% of the time in the last two weeks or do studies show that a ‘yes’ answer means they are reliably protected over a longer term?
6. Maternal Health
Seems like we only have a ANC indicator, not a PNC one?
7. Sexual and Reproductive Health

To reduce risk shouldn’t we be measuring whether a condom is used with everyone except the partner? If a truck driver uses them consistently on the road but not at home they (It may be a female1) and their partner are ‘safe’. Or is the indicator widely used as a proxy for good behaviour?
Despite the WHOs best efforts I believe countries still have different protocols as to when to initiate ARV (often it is political/economic as much as medical) so this may look very different in each country.
9. Environmental Sustainability
You could argue, in the interests of keeping it to as small a size as possible, that nos 34 and 35 are dropped if the focal areas of our work is watsan….
10. Governance

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